A tale of two fighters on top of the pile: Khabib Nurmagomedov entered the ring on Saturday night to face the dangerous and talented, Justin Gaethje.


To get a fight with either of these means your climbing - and the verge of superstardom - or you've been knocking on the door for a while.


Justin Gaethje entered the Octogan 23-2-0. A prolific fighter whose achievements in the sport has seen him take apart the great Tony Ferguson previously to earn that spot against Nurmagomedov.


Khabib entering the ring 28-0 has blown the division and the UFC away since signing for them. To sum up his style and fight attributes in a few sentences will do nothing but give the man a disservice. It seems almost impossible to comprehend how the opposition prepares for the onslaught that inevitablyhappens every fight.


UFC 254 saw these two warriors go at it for the Lightweight title. Gaethje, who came out and showed the world who he is, which is an unbelievable fighter with a vast skill set, setting up well. Nurmagomedov, who took the centre of the ring, waited whilst hunting down his opponent. The two, in a more traditional boxing stance tried to land significantly on the other during the first round. Nothing seemed to be thrown with 100% commitment which was most likely the game plan early doors to settle in, find the range and not overexpose yourself to potentially lead to a shoot to bring the fight to the matt.


The first round ended with Khabib's exhorting his dominance on the matt whilst landing the more significant shots on Gaethje 24-22.


As the second round began the air of inevitability washed over me as I could only see this fight going one way. There is something about his fights that gives the viewer this feeling,and it can only be down to the man's individual style of fighting and the talent to make every fighter Sercombe to the onslaught that will come.


With Gaethje taken down, Khabib - quite simply - dismantled his defence, got his lock in, and brought the fight to an end making Khabib 29-0. A record, in a brutal sport like this which is nothing but outstanding. When you watch his fights, there is only one word to sum up his performances, dominant.


Justin Gaethje is a phenomenal fighter with a future ahead of him that is going to be full of (W). The man will step up to any challenge and is deserving to be where he is. We look forward to his next fights...


As the fight ended, Khabib broke the hold, acknowledged his corner and then broke down on the matt. Taking in the victory including everything in his personal life, he rested his head on the matt and took in the moment. Gaethje showed his class by putting his arms around him to congratulate him, a class act, but it was with Khabib's post-fight interview that news dropped...


After just becoming 29-0 Nurmagomedov announced that this was his last fight. News that was a blow and a shock to fight fans across the world. You're looking at pound-for-pound the best fighter out there without a doubt. At 29 wins due to personal reasoning, Nurmagomedov bows out of the sport, which raises the question - where does he rank for you?


Putting G.O.A.T. status on Nurmagomedov is justified when you look at what the man has achieved, his dominance and unbreakable grappling. It's difficult to compare him to anyone else when no one does it like him. Who would you put at the top of the tree? Who is the G.O.A.T., in your opinion? Tag us in your choices over on Instagram @turnpro_boxingclothing.


Combat sports are filled with people announcing retirement just to come back for one more pay-day but this one – seemingly bedded in sincerity - seems a little different. Does he stay retired? Is that the last we've seen of this great champion? Or will the temptation to round up to 30-0 be too tempting?

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