About us

Turn Pro was born from a dedicated passion for boxing and training. We focus on producing high-quality sports clothing, so you can focus on delivering your best performance. 


After years of working in the fitness industry, boxing coach and personal trainer, Luke Morton, realised that there isn't enough sportswear designed for, and tailored to, the boxing community. So, he took it upon himself to make that change. 


From day one, Turn Pro's ethos has been built on the experience Luke has gathered over the years, using real insights to inform every element of Turn Pro's products. The result? A meticulous design that can enhance the performance of boxers, at all levels. 


Turn Pro's signature range of training t shirts, 'The Contender', has been developed with lightweight, breathable fabrics to keep you cool during your toughest sessions. 


Whether it's a light sparring session or time on the heavy bag, our product keeps you motivated and ready to take on all that life throws at you. 


Welcome to the Turn Pro Family. We're hear to support you on your journey. 


TURN PRO: We put our passion, into the product, that can improve your performance.